Converting from RedHat Linux to SuSE

These are my notes on comparing SUSE 9.0 Pro to RedHat 7.3 (I've tried RedHat 9, but had too much trouble with drivers so I consider it another one of their dotZero releases which should be avoided).

Comparison of Obvious Features
topic SuSE RedHat important
ISO downloads ISO images of the current release is not available. Talk on the net is that this has something to do with the copyright of the YaST installer. They do offer installs across the Internet via FTP, but that is less than convenient. ISO images are widely available. medium
filesystems Full support for ReiserFS, JFS, XFS and LVM in the default kernels. Limited, undocumented support. high
ACL Support for access control lists. none. high
CD-ROMs The distribution seems to be spread across all 5 cd-roms. Cd-roms 4 and 5 are sources, which are not required. low
Intel cpu May support only Pentium and above. May support 486 and above. low
text installer Somewhat difficult to use. Easy to use and fast. medium
kernel upgrades RPM update allows Grub select of only must recently installed kernel. RPM update inserts new kernel as another option. medium

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