This page is obsolete. I leave it here for reference only. Images and links are most likely not available.

Thoughts and Questions

Why don't you post the setts as well ?
I feel that my work is building on the setts which have been published by others. I don't want to explicitly give away their work. For setts, see my references section.

Use as an image.
You may find that if you're using a tartan from here as a background for text, etc. that its too large. Since threads are multiples of two you can shrink a tartan image in half exactly. That way the colors will still be in the correct proportion and will appear correct.

Cool effects.
I've found that using an image program and shrinking a tartan image there comes a point where it undergoes a sort of visual phase transition. When that occurs the colors are displayed in blocks. I presume that this occurs because of the combination of resampling and display limitations, but its neat to see. I generally use XV and then use the shrink button several times.

Why don't you package together all the images for a single download ?
I'll probably get around to that sooner or later.

I don't see the tartan for ... ?
All the tartans which I have a sett for are already produced. If you've got a sett for a tartans which you don't see then send it. Or if you know of a good book, etc. Months ago I sent off a letter to the Scottish Tartan Society for more info, but no response yet.

I don't see my name ... ?
Sorry, I'm not an expert on clans, etc. Please follow the links to other sites which I list at the very top of my tartans page.

J.Andrea, 1995