This page is obsolete. I leave it here for reference only. Images and links are most likely not available.

From: Muriel Fiona Napier
You will never know how much pleasure I get every time I turn on my computer and see my own tartan as the wallpaper. Thank you !

From: Ian J. Douglas
I just visited your tartans home page and greatly enjoyed looking around. I found you through sunsite.

From: Andee Weir
Congratulations - you were the only one I could find on the Web who listed my tartan. Thanks for a great service

From: Duane (Hoot) Gibson, Commissioner for The Great Lakes Region of the Clan Buchanan Society of America
I found your Web Site while 'surfing' one night and just had to drop you a line to let you know how much I like it.

From: Gary Little
I am one of those Scots that love your tartans.

From: Terry Dexter
I greatly appreciate your efforts.