Sydney Mines slang
Tidney Mines
Sydney Mines

yer getting on me nerve, tanya
Said to child who is annoying parent

git on da nob
Go away, you are annoying me
Contrib: C. Andrea

Nort Tidney
North Sydney
Contrib: W. MacKeigan

The streets known as the Avenues
Contrib: W. MacKeigan

Brown Street Country Club
Teenage partying spot in behind the houses on the south side of Brown Street Extension
Contrib: W. MacKeigan

D'ay don't know da issues Norris
from CJCB Radio Talk-Back
Contrib: W. MacKeigan

Cliffs over looking Sydney Harbour
Contrib: W. MacKeigan

Jeet yet? No,jou?
Eaten yet ?
Contrib: C. Jessome

Pre-dance drinking place by Memorial High
Contrib: C. Mauger

da red row
Row houses built during the coal boom
Contrib: S. Vickers

da barracks
Remains of WWII fortifications
Contrib: S. Vickers

Rocket Robbie Waye
Our first astronaut
Contrib: S. Vickers

So anyway
Contrib: Jonathon Caldwell

da Mines
Sydney Mines
Contrib: Debbie Olson

Little Italy
Bottom of Atlantic Street
Contrib: Debbie Olson

Sesame Street
Area around Notre Dame Street because of so many young families
Contrib: Debbie Olson

The back beach
Atlantic Street beach
Contrib: Debbie Olson

Jeet? No jou? Not jet, jawanna?
Want to eat ?
Contrib: Rick Shaw

Pill Hill
Shore Road hill where all the doctors live
Contrib: Bayani Igancio

The Jungle
The low rentals across from Notre Dame School
Contrib: Norma Baxter

The Heaps
Back of Main St and Guy St, heaps of steel slag?
Contrib: Alanna Brogan

Fox Rock
Teenager gathering spot off Victoria Dr.
Contrib: Alanna Brogan

Bill Jerroe did it!
Young Tommy Dolhanty always said it, whatever happened.
Contrib: Jack Dolhanty

Down Nort
Down North
Contrib: Joe Cordeau

Da Bullies
Popular skating pond behind York Street
Contrib: Linda Osmond

Da Maple
The woods between York and Barrington Street (now a new subdivision)
Contrib: Linda Osmond

Carters Ladder
A vertical pathway up the cliff down by 'DA BARRACKS'
Contrib: John Lamond (Sutherlands Corner)

Da land of Da Korner
Sutherland's Corner or Shore Road and Main Street
Contrib: gafraser

Yer lookin gud....too bad yer wernt gud lookin
In true English to be read as "You are looking good, Too bad you aren't good looking!" A real back hand compliment. Language from the corner.
Contrib: gafraser

shooting the drag
That was from Pius 10th parking lot to SMH on a constant basis.Somedays it could take you 45 minutes to go that far once.
Contrib: Jim Cantwell

The bog
marsh between Butts and Forrest Streets
Contrib: Linda Mitchell

The men in the Pitt
The miners, whose opinions and advice were treated as Gospel
Contrib: Linda Mitchell

Hangin' on the corner
Popular activity for pre-teens and teenagers to socialize on a street corner after supper and early evening
Contrib: Linda Mitchell

Ice floes in Sydney Harbour during spring breakup
Contrib: Linda Mitchell

The Enterprise
Tommie Jacques store
Contrib: gfraser

the area down off pitt st.
Contrib: Brian Billard

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