Sydney Mines memories
If anyone has any memories or notes about Sydney Mines to share, send them along and I'll post them here.

10 Jun 2004
Thanks to Jason Young for telling me about the Caper Corner message board for those at home and away. There is a specific section on Sydney Mines.
16 May 2005
We used to hang out at Tommie Jacques store, "The Enterprise" and would go there after lunch before walking up the hill to Sydney Mines High. The only store where one ever saw E.D. Smith Ketchup with three yes 3 different labels which were changed only once in 6 or 7 years. There was also Mc Cready's White Vinegar which had something growing in the bottle that resembled a jelly fish and I think the label was from the 1940's even in 1965, but still for sale. A pint bottle was around $.37
Robbie Waye was a regular in those days as was Rube Roberts who was known to enjoy a few slugs of whatever was to be had from the local outlet and close to being over proof.
Every year when the Portuguese Fishing Boats arrived in May or June the land of the corner was a place the sailors went to get catalogues from Sears and Eaton's as they went from door to door. Needless to say some tricycles were bound to disappear around the same time. No one ever seemed to see the culprits but the timing was always the same as the boats.
D. Lorne Mac Lellan was made principal of SMH when Mrs. Adeline Purvis was made Superintendent of Schools. Someone actually gave Lorne a nickname for his being very rigid, none other than "Hitler". In all truth he was a great teacher and drove us on to excell at things we may have thought impossible. We were fortunate to have had good teachers who really cared for us as students. Lorne bought a home on Charlotte Street that had been owned by Mr. & Mrs. Peter Mac Donald. Mr. Mac Donald was known as Pretty Peter which we were told by our seniors around the time of his death. They were a very fine couple and held in high esteem in the town.
31 Mar 2007
Someone asked if I knew the history of the Red Row. According to this booklet "Sydney Mines. 100 Years and More", D.U.MacDonald, Publisher. the Red Row was built in 1900 by the General Mining Association as company housing.