Baptisms at St. Paul's, Halifax, Nova Scotia 1749-1849

Original data transcribed, compiled and edited by Robert Kim Stevens: Published by Maritime Imprints, 2000.
Data made available for sharing via Ron Zinck, with thanks, via this Facebook post

You should refer to the above document for the exact transcription style which may not be available in these results.

For records, the church can be contacted directly.

Year StartSurnameGivenComment
Year EndMother's maiden nameParents 



• As of the document download (Feb.4/2023)
• "Page" is not the original records,
  rather its from the first section of Kim Steven's transciption document.
• Missing years are given probable values so that the year ranges will find records.
  Ex: "17__" is searchable as "1749".
• If multiple words are given with the "contains" option, each word will be searched in that column
  Ex: "Mary Elizabeth" will also find "Elizabeth Mary".
  Ex: "John Mary" could find both those names used as parents.
• Some name data can't be matched via "exact" or "sounds like" options because of transcription difficulty.
• Additional text such as "(twin)", "(N)", etc. are not included in the given name searches but are displayed in the results.
• Baptisms are converted from d-m-y to y-m-d, but births are not.
• Searches are case insensitive.
• I may have made mistakes during the re-transcription of child name vs father's name.
  Ex: one catch was a child named "Catherine David".
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