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The Barra MacNeils are:

Sheumas MacNeil
piano, keyboard, vocals
Kyle MacNeil
violin, acoustic & electric guitar, mandolin, vocals
Stuart MacNeil
vocals, accordian, keyboards, whistle, flute, electric guitar
Lucy MacNeil:
vocals, bodhrán, celtic harp, backing vocals, viola, violin

They may be contacted at:

Box 317
Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia
B1V 2Y5

Liner notes from "The Traditional Album"

Growing up in Sydney Mines, Cape Breton, we were very fortunate to be immersed in Cape Breton traditional music at a tender age. Our home was often the setting where musicians, whether they were fiddlers, singers, or piano players, would drop in and take part in a music session. Over the years we have been exposed to an abundance of music from the four corners of the earth. This album was a chance to record some of the instrumental tunes. It took a few years to find the time but finally we made the time, and this is the end result. For all those who enjoy the tunes as much as we do, this one's for you.