GEDCOM date modification

I needed a program to take a GEDCOM family tree file, and remove the dates for everyone execpt those who have been dead for more than 20 years. Reason being is to protect the privacy of family members in the redistribution of the family information. For people who have passed away within 20 years, the year of their death is displayed to signify their passing.


I wrote my own program in Perl to do the modification. You may take a copy for free. While looking over my GEDCOM files which I have, I found this tree of the keyword data.


You'll need to have Perl installed, it is available for almost every platform. Run the program like this:  myfamily.ged  modified.ged


I located several other similar program on the net. Why this one? Runs on almost any platform (because of Perl); no need to have VBRUNDLL or any other ms-windows packages; it's free; source code included.

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